About us

1998 our chief Friedrich Drayer established DRAYER Equipment for tree care and rope technology.
The company is the result of Friedrichs own material requirements as lumberjack and arborist and of his collegues. When Friedrich started to work as an arborist there were only a few special equiments for arborists (rope, harness, shoes, etc.). He developed his own producs with materials of other sectors. Our range of products for forest, arboristic, tree care and geocaching as well as fire brigade and rescue service changed several times and continues to evolve. Today we market our products in over 100 countries.

Biographical profile of Friedrich Drayer

professional background:
Apprenticeship in Carpentry 1979-1982
forestry engineer 1988-92 (FH Rottenburg a. N.)
independent arborist/lumberjack since 1993
Gepr. Fachagrarwirt für Baumpflege und Baumsanierung seit 1996,
Owner of DRAYER Equipment fpr tree care and rope technology since 1998
Owner of DRAYER Matériel innovant pour arboristes et cordistes S.A.R.L. since 2005
His responsibilities:
its our chief, developer, customer consultant, and a lot more
develop equipment for rope technology
musician in Schalmaienkapelle Glottertal
How Friedrich became an arborist:
Grown up on a black forest farm with a lot of fruit-bearing trees and own forest – planting, cuting, careing and cuting down trees has always been a part of his life – our chief turned his hobby into his job!

Our Team

Our Team exists of employees of DRAYER Germany and France. We colaborate and support us each other in customer service, order processing, Marketing, IT, etc. to be reliabl and flexibl to react to any client’s request or need.