To equip arborists and climbers we respond flexible and reliable to the needs and demands of our customers. Our purpose is to
develop by the means of international communication new technologies and procedures to optimize these and provide them
to the customer.
Our priorities:
• Competent and individual technical consultation
• Innovativ, High-quality products
DRAYER not only cares about customer interests but gives priority on ecologically sustainable practice. Long-term reasoning and
acting is nowadays essential in tree care and production.

Packaging material

Exclusive use of second hand packaging material (recovered cardboard, shredded paper, etc.) reduces garbage and the consumption
of valuable resources.

Return your used, broken and rejected material. We assure a professional and ecologic disposal.

Product selection
The selection of high quality tools and materials made in preferably European production plants limits the consumption of resources,
unnecessary transport and favors the “regional” European economy.